From Maesk Group Counseling in Fort Lauderdale - Anger Management Counseling.

The first step in addressing anger is to understand what anger is.  Then, you can move on to using some learned skills to effectively deal with it.

So, what is anger anyway? 

Simply put, anger is an emotion. Oftentimes we interpret it as a signal that we are being treated unfairly.  Remember however that there is no right or wrong when it comes to feelings - they just are.  And as uncomfortable as it might be in the moment, it is okay to feel angry. 

Behavior or actions, on the other hand, can be right or wrong. For example, it is not okay to hurt ourselves, others, or property when we feel angry. 

So how can we deal with anger and act in healthy ways? 

  1. Recognize anger - know when you are angry and what your anger triggers are.
  2. Practice positive responses - practice, practice, practice until your new positive responses become good habits 

Here is a quick list of coping skills for dealing with anger: 

  1. Walk away / take a long walk;
  2. Get some exercise;
  3. Talk to someone who you are not feeling angry with ;
  4. Distract yourself;
  5. Count to 10 while focusing on your breath;
  6. Journal (write) about it; and
  7. Come back and deal with the situation later when you feel calm. 

If these strategies do not sufficiently address the problem, then it is probably time to seek professional help.  Whether it’s marriage counseling for anger, anger counseling for children, or just general anger therapy, Maesk Group Counseling can help.  Call 954-353-4680 for an appointment today.