From Maesk Group Counseling in Fort Lauderdale - Family Therapy - It Helps!

Maybe you have asked yourself this question while yelling at your teenager, struggling with the family budget, or watching your spouse work too much. Let’s explore some answers that might help you understand the benefits of sitting your family down together under the guidance of a licensed therapist.

  • It gives everyone an equal voice. I am trained to observe and detect what isn’t necessarily said out loud. I can help a teen find words to express their needs, which is much harder for teens than adults.
  • It’s a safe place. A rule is established at the beginning of therapy that no one can be punished outside of session for what they say IN session. All members must agree to this rule.
  • Everyone learns to communicate. I teach skills, such as using “I feel” instead of “you should” and to avoid the use of “never” or “always” when talking to loved ones. Defenses are lowered and love can flow more freely.
  • It helps you see things from their point of view. I can help each member of the family articulate desires and feelings, then teach you how to reflect that back in a calm way.
  • You learn to focus on the positive. I use exercises that are especially designed to bring good memories and positive thoughts about each family member to the forefront, increasing your bond with each other.
  • Agreements can be forged. I have expertise in mediating family contracts, such as Teen Rights to the Car Keys, Work Hours for Dad, and Adult Child Living at Home. This teaches children how the real world functions, with responsibilities, rewards, and consequences.
  • Secrets can be aired and resolved. Children know so much more about what’s going on behind the scenes than parents allow themselves to realize. Unhealthy secrets can be discussed and resolved, and questions answered.
  • Mutual respect can be taught. Families often use sarcasm or abrasive “teasing,” which can scar a child. I can help you see where you might be unintentionally inflicting hurt.
  • You have a safe place to be real. The pressure to put on a happy family face to the world can be exhausting. My office is a place where we can observe how families protect some members and blame others, and resolve that pattern.
  • Responsibilities can be balanced. Often Mom is the primary caretaker, taking on chores that rightly belong to the rest of the family. I can help you work through a reasonable and fair plan to share the load.

If this sounds like what your family needs, let’s get started! Call me today for an appointment.

From Maesk Group Counseling in Fort Lauderdale - Teen / Adolescent Counseling


Fort Lauderdale’s climate and economic environment provide a pleasant, exciting life for the local persons as well as their children, but from time to time behavioral or just general life issues can appear which might spoil the fun. This is where the need for a Fort Lauderdale teen counseling professional comes into play and that’s exactly why you need to contact us right now.

But why is adolescent counseling and therapy important, how can it change and improve the life of your child? Let’s find that out!

It can brighten up the life of any teen

Many times, kids need psychotherapy or teen counseling in those situations when they have to face a major problem in their life. Be it the loss of their parents, the inability to feel like something is achieved in their life or just the fact that they break up with someone can bring some major behavioral issues and these have to be addressed properly by an adolescent counseling professional before they get worse.

Removes negative self-talk

During the adolescent years, teens tend to form their mature behavior and this is why having a teen counseling professional near them might prove to come in handy. Not only can he help remove the pressure that appears from hormonal changes, but at the same time the psychotherapy professional will help guide any teen away from negative self-talk and onward to a more productive state. This will allow any teen to feel better, more relaxed and achieve the results that he always wanted, without problems.

It can aid with improving the social aspect

During the teenage years, most of us tend to go through a multiple of social problems and this will eventually lead us to getting locked behind our own feelings and emotions. One of the best teen counseling therapy techniques comes in the form of group counseling, as this allows teens to meet other persons their age and connect with them. This allows them to improve the way they interact with the outside world, something that is very important.

Getting more confidence

Maybe the best thing about teen counseling is the fact that any adolescent has the unique opportunity to truly understand his power, skill and motivation, something that is very important in this day and age. Without knowing this it will be a lot harder to face the challenges that appear in life, and the adolescent counseling professional can help in a very positive fashion.

If your child is going through a hard time right now, then guiding him or her towards teen counseling might be the best option you can make. Not only does this help with achieving a good mental balance, but at the same time it will provide the proper guidance which is essential in the adolescent, developmental years. Don’t hesitate to contact Maesk Group Counseling in order to gain complete access to our teen counseling services immediately. You will be amazed at the high quality results and the amazing experience you can obtain by working with us - just send us an e-mail or call us right away at 954-353-4680!