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Doug Maesk,LMHC

Doug Maesk,LMHC


Do you have depression or stress that keeps you from connecting with others or thriving in your career? Anxiety that causes you to withdraw or turn to alcohol, food, or a computer screen for comfort? Anger that gets in the way of relationships? Or perhaps your marriage or relationship seems to be crumbling. If any of these hits home with you, therapy will help greatly.

All are welcome here - gay and lesbian clients seeking to make better lives in a predominately heterosexual world; parents coping with pressures in the family or unsure of how to address their teens' unhealthy behavior; or people struggling for a way out of alcohol or drug addiction.  

I work with teens and adults from the most severe and chronic problem to problems requiring only brief counseling.  Whatever you may be facing today that keeps you from fully enjoying life, coming in for an assessment will either rule out any problems or help pinpoint what needs to be addressed.

Maesk Group Counseling is a full service center that treats you as an individual and supports your effort in seeking professional help.  My approach is to be compassionate, and to set clear, attainable goals while under my care.  Your confidentiality and your personal plan of care hold the highest priority in meeting your needs. 


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