Most folks know that approximately fifty percent of marriages in the United States fail.  Did you also know that on average, couples wait seven years after the onset of problems in the relationship to seek help?  There is no need to wait that long!  Couples counseling, or marriage counseling, is recommended as soon as problems or discontent arises in a relationship.  Whether you are engaged in power struggles, avoidance or are at the "frying pan stage," having a trained professional to untangle unhealthy communication patterns can literally save the relationship.  Although individual success depends on each partner’s motivation and dedication to the process, in general you can expect that after a course of treatment you will become better listeners and communicators, and will learn to effectively resolve conflicts.

Couples seek therapy for many different reasons.  Some of the presenting concerns that are successfully treated are:

  • Communication

  • Trust Issues

  • Feeling unloved (or hopeless)

  • Navigating finances

  • Pre-marital Counseling

  • Infidelity

  • Sexual Concerns

As one of the most experienced couples counselors in the South Florida area, you can trust that you will always receive expert care.  You will be provided with new perspectives and specific tools to assist you in achieving greater life satisfaction.  In therapy, couples gain new perspectives and learn more effective ways of correcting the interactions and patterns that lead them to frustration, hurt, and misunderstandings.

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