Being Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or Questioning (GLBTQ), you have unique needs and concerns.  The GLBTQ community in the Fort Lauderdale area faces unique pressures from the underlying homophobia in our culture.  In addition, this homophobia can be internalized and become self hatred, isolation, and mistrust.  It can prevent the personal contentment necessary for a happy life and fulfilling relationships.

Perhaps you are in a relationship, and one or both of you are not out yet, or are struggling with getting comfortable in your own skin and figuring out what you want your life together to look like. You may be dealing with discrimination, extended family acceptance issues, or other forms of internal and external pressure.  This can overwhelm, frustrate, and create feelings of isolation and hurt.  GLBTQ Counseling with Maesk Counseling can help you feel whole, accepted, and clear about your path to a peaceful life. 

Specifically, counseling can help with:

  • finding the fundamental value of self, which includes the value of your sexual orientation

  • deciding whether to come out

  • how you would like to deal with coming out

  • determining the extent to which you want to reveal your orientation

  • developing a positive gay identity

  • Religious or spiritual struggles related to sexual orientation

Coming out can be complicated, and at times painful.  Know that you are welcomed and accepted just as you are from the moment you walk into the office.  From having studied at the Harvey Milk Institute in San Francisco, to working in the gay community in South Florida (including managing a NOVA University study for gay men), I can help you navigate the world of relationships, and find connection and intimacy.

My practice is affirming of all relational orientations -- straight and GLBTQ.  Sexuality is complex, changing, and diverse.  Wherever you find yourself in your journey, my office is a non-judgment zone.