From Maesk Counseling in Fort Lauderdale - Disaster Counseling

As I write this, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida are in the process of recovery from the damage, both physical and psychological, that Hurricane Irma inflicted on our state.  Here at Maesk Counseling, we were prepared, but still were without power or phones until yesterday.  Thankfully, damage was minimal and no one here was hurt.  We are grateful.

When disaster strikes, one of the most important immediate tasks is to restore a sense of normalcy and routine.  Going back to work and reestablishing your daily rituals (going to the gym, walking, church - whatever is important to you) will help you feel a sense of control.  This is important as disasters rob us of control over our lives and our surroundings.  Also try to get back into a healthy sleep cycle, with regular bedtime and wake up.

If you are a patient here, know that we are open again regular hours, and are reaching out to all patients to set appointments.  If you need help or are thinking of starting counseling, please contact us.  We offer same day appointments.  We are committed to serve the community, and are here for you.